Get the best uniform-flowering Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ for the Autumn market with a special Short Day treatment.

Award-winning ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ gives you the more economical way to bring these high-demand colours to market, compared to traditional tissue-culture material. This incredibly vibrant segregating mix delivers maximum flower power at retail, with a long retail shelf life. Broad and consistent palette includes shades of red, orange, purple, scarlet, cream, yellow and white.

Plants are shorter, better branched and fuller than many tissue culture varieties. This makes it possible to grow without PGRs and offers the ability to ship on tightly spaced racks. As usual, more details on best growing practices for ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ are available on its GrowerFacts.

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit

Flexible scheduling is possible to meet a range of market dates. In the presentation below, we want to share with you how to use Short Day treatments to produce Echinacea for Autumn flowering.

‘Cheyenne Spirit’ fits a broad range of sizes, from packs to 19-cm pots and larger. Packs are suitable for in-colour or green plant sales for landscape or prairie-to-go uses, as its dimensions are perfect for that.

  • Height: 45 to 60 cm first year; 55 to 75 cm second year.
  • Spread: 25 to 40 cm first year; 35 to 50 cm second year.

From heat and drought tolerance to excellent Winter hardiness, ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ continues to shine in landscapes due to its superior performance.