Sun-Loving New Day® Raises the Standard in Gazanias.

When looking for a drought-tolerant plant, choose Gazania. When looking for the most uniform series of Gazania on the market, with larger flowers, short peduncles and a good plant habit, and a striking colour selection, choose New Day!

Gazania New Day series from PanAmerican Seed® offers compact, sturdy, high-quality plants that are easy to produce, well-suited for high-density pack and small container production, and super-holdable at retail. New Day is supplied as coated seed and available in seven eye-catching colours, including two striped varieties and five mixes.

Gazania New Day® Red Stripe at a German Grower.

This drought-tolerant series performs beautifully in containers and baskets, and as a garden edging or groundcover.

For tips on how to successfully grow Gazania New Day, visit our GrowerFacts website. To demonstrate the durability of this series, we had set up multiple European trials, resulting in New Day flourishing in a range of temperatures and conditions. The presentation below summarizes our most recent trial results, which confirm that New Day is a uniform, easily programmable series that tolerates difficult conditions like high pH levels and droughts.